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MUDr. Doris Danielová

MUDr. Doris Danielová

Born in 1961 in Kyjov, Czech Republic. 1986 graduation on Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Medicine

1986–1987 department of internal medicine – City hospital Koliště, Brno

1987–1989 geriatric sanatorium in Brno, Polní 3 – first experiences with paliative care and thanatology

1989–1991 hospital for tuberculosis, lung diseases and paliative care in Babice nad Svitavou. Succesful application of acupuncture in patients suffering from asthma and chronic pain etc.

1992–1996 outpatient´s de­partment for respiratory diseases, Zahradníkova 6,Brno

1996 – 2004 private medical office for respiratory diseases, acupuncture and homeopathy, Viniční 235, Brno, regularly visited Hospic of St Joseph in Rajhrad to treat overstressed stuff

since 2005 private medical office for respiratory diseases, acupuncture and related technics, traditional chinese medicine, homeopathy and other methods of natural medicine, Brno, Mendl square 1a untill October 2011 when she based the Brno School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and successly lead it till June 2014.

Since 2012 she is giving little short-time tuition – practical courses for all who are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, cupping, qua-sha therapy and other gentle forms of acupuncture´s po­ints treatment.

Short term tuition – training in acupuncture is available: for persons having good basical knowledge of traditional chinese medicine, acupuncutre theory- meridians and points. Here they are educated how to practise their theoretical knowledge.

Long term tuition – training in acupuncture – is also available – individually according to your request, just write what do you would like to study